Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Can Be Discharged

Our caring team wants you to stay informed throughout the surgery process. We have gathered a few of the most frequently asked questions about the surgery experience and answered them for you on this page. Please don't hesitate to ask us any further questions before or after your surgery.


Q: How long will the surgery take?

A: Your surgeon will tell you during your office visit prior to the procedure.

Q: Why do I have to be there 90 minutes early?

A: We need to get you checked in, start your IV and perform other necessary procedures prior to surgery.

Q: Why can’t I eat or drink hours before surgery?

A: Not eating or drinking before surgery will help keep you from vomiting during surgery, which prevents possible choking.

Q: Should I call the surgery center before my surgery for instructions?

A: A nurse from the surgery center will call you the day before surgery.

Q: Can my family stay with me prior to going back to surgery?

A: Yes. Only two visitors are allowed to stay with you in the Preoperative area at a time.

Q: Will my family be updated on the progress of my surgery?

A: Yes. The surgeon or physician assistant will meet with the family to discuss your condition promptly after surgery.